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In 1928, the Saratoga School Board authorized the building of elementary classrooms and a gym complete with a stage. Through the years, this school building had undergone many changes from Saratoga's Grade School, the Platte Valley High School and Saratoga's Middle School to eventually become the Platte Valley Community Center.


The transformation from school to community center began with a Community Assessment in 2001, where it became apparent that a Community/Convention Center was high on the wish list. A Joint Powers Board was formed, along with several committees of local volunteers. With the support of local citizens, grant opportunities and private donors, plans ensued to build a community center.


The Platte Valley Community Center opened it's doors in 2006, providing the Platte Valley with opportunities for performing arts, children's activities and programs, social gatherings, events, banquets, business seminars, meetings and conventions, school activities, court and mat sports, fitness training and classes.

Architect's drawing of the Platte Valley Community Center.

Board Members

1928 Saratoga Grade School



Joe Glode

Shively Hardware Company


PO Box 605

Saratoga, WY  82331

TERM:  2015-June 2018


Stacy Crimmins

Saratoga/Platte Valley

Chamber of Commerce

Executive Director

PO Box 1095

Saratoga, WY  82331

TERM:  2014-June 2017


 Dan Hodgkiss

Platte Valley Accounting


PO Box 458

Saratoga, WY  82331

TERM:  2016-June 2019


 Irene Archibald

Century 21

Cornerstone Realty, LLC

Sales Associate

PO Box xxx

Saratoga, WY  82331

TERM:  2015-June 2018


 Linda Butler

Principal at Saratoga Middle High School-Carbon County School District #2

PO Box xxx

Saratoga, WY  82331

Completing TERM:

2014-June 2017


 Dan Runner

Rawlins National Bank

Vice President of Loans

PO Box 1290

 Saratoga, WY  82331

TERM:  2015-June 2018


 Judy Welton

Town of Saratoga

Elected Councilwoman

Old Baldy Club,

Vice President and Administrative Assistant

PO Box 486

Saratoga, WY  82331

TERM:  2016-June 2019

Joe Elder, Executive Director

Office: 307-326-7822 | Email: pvcc@carbonpower.net


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